About Us?

Saying what brings us together is easier than saying who we are. Travelling and discovering new places is the binding link for the team behind the Magellan Route project.

Both the idea and the dream came up while talking to a truly seasoned traveller. The first members to join the team were friends who have known each other for over 20 years but other members joined soon after that, in the course of a walk under Petra’s inclement sun. We live everywhere from Gothenburg to Lisbon and Skype is our best friend.

Zélia, Tiago, Cristina, Nuno and Luís. Five Portuguese trying to grasp how the world of travelling works, beyond the obvious and the ordinary.

Other travellers have joined us in the meantime. They come from all over the world and share the mission of introducing the places where they live to whoever cares to visit.

Paulo in Ireland, Vera in Belgium, Ana in Azerbaijan, Valentina in Croatia, Sonia in São Miguel, Azores, Tania in Madeira, Veronika in Hungary, Eunice in Germany, Ayman in Jordan, Trong Bui in Vietnam, Catarina in Sweden and Anilda in Cape Verde. In all these places, you can be toured around by someone who actually lives there, but you can also explore other destinations, such as the Czech Republic, Israel, Palestine, Spain, Italy, Iran, Tibet, the USA, Iceland, Macedonia, Kosovo, India, Russia and Mongolia while enjoying the company of one of our members based in Lisbon or Gothenburg.

Together with everyone who is willing to take part in this adventure, our goal is one and only: to make the world smaller.




This project mission is to create a set of active and cultural travelling experience at a reduced cost and local experience. We are counting with the help of a network of Portuguese people who, while spread out across the globe, have accepted the challenge of showing the best our new comfort zone can provide us with. This is a chance of learning what we cannot learn in books, getting to know new destinations, people and other realities. Seasoning all this with our own mother tongue, our way of being and the companionship of others who, just like us, have decided to open the window and reach what our eyesight could not. Our trips are organized in a particular manner, much like the way we used to do before Magellan Route existed. For each destination, we open a limited set of vacancies due to logistics. We set the program, make necessary contacts and organize the traveler’s stay, always at a low cost rate without losing quality. We have no civil responsibility for each traveler. Prices reflect what we pay for each destination and it is the same for those who wish to accompany us. All reservations can be done individually or by us, if you wish to.

Now that the rules are clear, it is time to pack our bag!


The words uttered by a Portuguese Politician became famous when in a moment of serious crisis he considered as being natural for the people to get out of their comfort zone.

That is more or less what we decided to do. We have gone out of our comfort zone and took the opportunity of discovering a little part of the planet that surrounds us. Curiosity has not ended, neither has the desire of knowing more. Thus, turning the backpack into our faithful friend happened in glimpse of an eye.

Statistics showed the harsh reality of the increasing number of Portuguese people who would seek other places to live annually. We were not alone. The next step was the most logic consequence to all of this.

Magellan Route has been inspired by our major explorer, Fernão de Magalhães, as an attempt to create a network that would unite the various destinations chosen by the Portuguese as their new home in this new wave of emigration in the XXI century. Making trips simpler, cheaper and informal, whereas sharing the experience of someone who speaks our language and knows the destination in question.